Enter the Cyber Resilient, Secure foundation for Kubernetes and OS platforms !
Security at 360 Degree - Inside Out and Outside In, All in a single solution -
World's First, Cognitive Data Assurance solution to IT infrastructure.
We not only protect inside data assets and systems, but perimeter as well.

Existing Storage Systems too suffer from above timeless submission, and is " innocent " because its built by innocent computer scientists. Our mission in life is to make it cognitive, rational, safe and secure, period.

Integrating Software-defined security by design and default into Kubernetes/cloud-native IT platforms...
Your Linux box and Containers in your k8s never ran more safely and securely !

Experience radical cyber resilience, control, safety, security and serviceability for your critical IT infrastructure across Public Clouds, Hybrid-Cloud and onPrem !

Welcome to world's first Cyber Security Automation and surveillance service, for Multi-site, Multi-Cloud IT platform, Software defined!

RationalVault, monitors, detect, prevent and react to various cyber attacks, malicious insider activity and various other forms of IT disasters which can typically wreak havoc to Information systems powered by cloud-native platforms such as Kubernetes, Enterprise Linux, NoSQL deployments. RationalVault centralize security automation, malware attack mitigation and system/data protection, cyber risk mitigation powered by Computer Vision, Information Theory, Data Science and Machine Learning.

Powered by a market-pioneering patent.

Our Unique Capabilities (Patented).

Outside-in and Inside-out protection - world's only solution available on earth.

ML based reactive security control and remedial services integrating AIops to ITOps.

System and storage intrusion detection and prevention, with a security by design and default tenet.

Support stand alone Linux Servers and key noSQL Databases Servers and Kubernetes platforms.

One click with HA Configuration

Realtime customer Telemetry with data classification

Information security Surveillance

Data Intrusion, Detection and Response

100% SaaS based delivery and billing.

Organic convergence of Information theory, AI, Data centric system security, site reliability, security incidence management, SIEM, customer telemetry and Information Assurance.


RationalVault service offers 360-degree Cyber Security Automation, Information auditing, Data Activity surveillance, Storage Intrusion Threat intelligence and Real time response. This is a revolutionary data governance and security platform. RationalVault is a quantum leap towards autonomous storage platforms with cognitive cyber resilience, fully software defined. RationalVault also enables software-based HA service, Customer Telemetry, Single point configuration and Automatic software patching. All these services can be offered on a FaaS (Features as a Service) model.

Neridio Story

Neridio System's Mission is to make critical, secondary data storage infrastructure cyber resilient, without losing visibility and security control across sites, across IT silos and across clouds while reducing the operational complexity, management overheads and compliance challenges. NervioCloud designed to protect your Data Infrastructure, no matter where it is, against data theft.