Experience radical simplicity, security, control and data governance for those IT assets in the SaaS and Cloud infrastructure.

Enabling software defined infrastructure (SaaS Backend/Data Servers) Resilience and Security, Truly!

Welcome to world's first Cyber Security Automation and Monitoring service, for Multi-site, Multi-Cloud data platform, Software defined!

RationalVault monitors augment security services, provide security and incidence management services to multi-component deployments of nervioCloud solution stack. RationalVault complement NervioCloud suite with various cyber security services. RationalVault centralize security policy management, automate secure data services and data protection services leveraging AI/ML.

Powered by a market-pioneering patent.

One click with HA Configuration

Realtime customer Telemetry

Information security Surveillance

Data Intrusion, Detection and Response


RationalVault service offers 360-degree Cyber Security Automation, Information auditing, Data Activity surveillance, Storage Intrusion Threat intelligence and Real time response. This is a revolutionary data governance and security platform. RationalVault is a quantum leap towards autonomous storage platforms with cognitive cyber resilience, fully software defined. RationalVault also enables software-based HA service, Customer Telemetry, Single point configuration and Automatic software patching. All these services can be offered on a FaaS (Features as a Service) model. RationalVault service can also be fully implemented onPremise as part of NervioCloud Deployment.



Nerviocloud provides you a powerful, centralized data management platform to manage your organisation's files from all the Remote Office, be it from PCs or Laptops, data in SaaS services like Google Drive, or employees want to upload random files.


Medical Data Cloud

Bring your Hospital to the world map, by the power of collaboration !



Drive like view of all the files from your organization with the help of HQ Syncer component.

Neridio Story

Neridio System's Mission is to make critical, secondary data storage infrastructure cyber resilient, without losing visibility and security control across sites, across IT silos and across clouds while reducing the operational complexity, management overheads and compliance challenges. NervioCloud designed to protect your Data Infrastructure, no matter where it is, against data theft.